Last week, I joined Twitter.


I've been wanting a social media account (not Facebook, because Facebook sucks) for the sake of having a social link I can put up on my websites and connecting with other developers and some cool people I've always wanted to meet like:

One thing I found out: Twitter is where everyone becomes themselves. Who they really are. Here's what I mean: Jenn Schiffer, who is usually official in her talk (except for the fact that she types completely in lower case) is actually someone so cool and funny on Twitter. Speaking of funny, Twitter has a place for people with both, bad and good senses of humour. This also means something else: never, ever follow, or message a person (like an employee of a company) on his/her Twitter account for asking info related to their work. For example, (really sorry Jenn, if you're reading this, I couldn't find any other examples) I'm supposed to ask Glitch-related questions to Jenn on the forum, and that is what the forum is meant for. But it is unwise to message Jenn on Twitter asking her how create a new file on Glitch and something else.

Apart from this, you gotta be really careful on what you say, especially if you have a large number of followers. Your tweet is seen by other people based on the number of followers you have, and in case you type something that can be easily misunderstood, you gotta remove it real fast before people get angry and Twitter suspends your account for violationg their ToS.

The only thing I didn't like about Twitter is the fact that you can't edit tweets once they're sent. That really pissed me off. The only option is the delete the tweet, but it might not be a big think, considering the character limit for tweets. For example, I actually typed

Grammarly doesn't have mind.

instead of

Grammarly doesn't half mind.

I had to delete the post real quick, before anyone liked it, because a liked deleted post is lost forever.

And here's my Twitter account: Make sure to follow me.

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